Write news about a new religious TV channel

This is an article about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the Christ Embassy, and Loveworld USA. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a well known teacher, healing minister, television host, and best selling author. He is also the President of the Christ Embassy better known as Loveworld, Inc, which is a Bible based ministry in Lagos. He is the eldest son of Elder T. Oyakhilome. He was married to Rev. Anita Oyakhilome, who is forerunner of the UK agency, and has two daughters. He reaches thousands of people worldwide as well as being dedicated to his 30+ year mission and many meetings which made huge impact. Pastor Benny Hinn is a known Evangelist and teacher who preaches the message of the Gospel of Jesus for the past 45 years. The two men knew that they would try to strengthen the faith of millions of people worldwide. The Christ Embassy is a worship and communion service in Zimbabwe. It’s kind of like the black churches in the US, which is shown on many websites.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome teamed up with Pastor Benny Hinn to launch a new channel called Loveworld USA. This channel is based in California and can be accessed through the Internet. It is part of the Spectrum Cable Network with series of crusades, conferences, special pray shows, and anointed music from both of these pastors. This channel is kind of like DayStar, and many other networks that can be seen on satellite TV (DirecTv and Dish Network). Just like the Sunday morning church services that is seen on TV, they are easy to access them from the comfort of your own home. The two pastors have their own programs on this channel. Many of these programs are seen on certain channels during the late night and early morning hours but nothing like this. This channel teaches the words of the Lord without leaving your couch. There have been many preachers/pastors on TV doing their sermons on Sunday but these kind of programs plays out through most of the week. It’s not your typical services that you’ve seen in church. More people should check out this channel to get more in depth with the bible stories that they are known to love even if they don’t always go to church.