Why use vertical storage racks?

Finding additional space in a warehouse can be an expensive project, but there is one solution in particular that could double your storage space without being too much of a cost burden: vertical storage racks.

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Space benefits

By introducing vertical storage racks, you can store more products per square foot than before. In some cases, you can even double the amount of usable vertical space in your warehouse. This not only frees up additional space for assembly and access, but it also increases warehouse productivity. To see how vertical storage has already had a huge impact on other warehouses, check out http://www.supplychaindigital.com/warehousing/taking-advantage-vertical-warehouse-space.

Storage benefits

By increasing the capacity of your warehouse’s storage space, you can open up opportunities to store even more products and make your business more profitable. It is important to ensure that your pallet racking is durable and can withstand the extra height and density of pallets and goods.

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Safety benefits

One of the significant benefits of vertical storage racks is that due to the additional height space, aisles are kept free from clutter and obstructions yet pallets are still easily accessed using forklift trucks. If you have any concerns about the safety of your warehouse and whether you comply with standards, consult the Health and Safety Executive pages online, which detail everything that you need to know about keeping your space hazard-free.

Convenience benefits

Vertical storage racks offer a convenient solution, allowing workers to gain access to goods as needed with the use of safe machinery and equipment. Ease of access is also bound to improve inventory management and therefore result in a more seamless production line.

Where to find vertical storage solutions in Ireland

If you are interested in introducing vertical storage racking to your warehouse, you may wish to talk over your plans with someone who specialises in this field. A reliable distributor of new and used pallet racking supplies such as Dublin-based RackZone (http://www.rackzone.ie/) can clarify the value of having vertical racks for storage.

Of all of the storage methods available to warehouse owners, vertical storage racking is one of the least costly and most effective. If you are constantly trying to find space to store valuable stock, you should think about whether your warehouse will allow you to use additional height space to provide a solution for your space woes.