Underbar Systems – What You Should Have Under Your Bar

When you areinstalling or refurbishing your bar it allows you to think carefully about allthe essential elements you need to make it the most efficient and appealingyour customers have ever visited. A design that is obviously eyecatching willprovide interest for your clients but you need to ensure that the space behindand under the bar is also planned to perfection to provide your staff witheverything they need to serve efficiently.

The main Ingredients

A bar that is as spacious as possible will help with staff efficiency preventing collisions as they are serving. Ensuring that all the necessary equipment such as ice machines and washing facilities are within easy reach is important. Implementing the work triangle system where staff are able toaccess equipment or stock by using the most convenient route will save time and increase the rate at which customers are served.

Essential Equipment

Hygiene behind the bar is as important as in a kitchen so there needs to be a sink with running water and access to disposable paper towels. If your bar is large or circular in design it may be worth installing a sink at opposite ends. A waste paper bin with a foot operated opening mechanism should always be near to keep the bar free from clutter. A dishwasher can be fitted beneath your bar to ensure your staff have a continuous flow of clean glasses.

Cooling Systems

Drinks coolers or refrigerators are a must for keeping a stock of assorted ice cold beers on hand. Garnishes such as slices of lemon and cherries can be prepared ahead of opening time but need to be kept chilled in a fridge. There are so many drinks that benefit from a few ice cubes that having a specific ice making machine or a small freezer can help during the busier parts of the day. Beer pumps need to be easily accessible and can incorporate a cooling system to help them stay at their best.

Discreet Shelving

One thing a bar needs is plenty of shelving for storing a variety of essentials such as bar snacks, serviettes, cocktail umbrellas, glasses and a host of other accessories. Shelving should be placed where it is within reach from the main serving points. It should also be of a generous size for holding items and be easy to keep clean and tidy.

The best designed Bars

The most expertly designed bars look incredibly streamlined and stylish from the customer’s point of view. Underneath your bar it will be packed with everything you need to make it run efficiently with staff being able to access everything without having to walk several paces each time they serve. The exterior of your bar needs to be imaginative and creative but under the counter top, efficiency and clever designing will ensure that nothing is left out. Dawnvale are experienced in creating successful original bars that incorporate streamlined, efficient work spaces.