Tips for Placing Rugs on Engineered Flooring

Any rug placed on hardwood flooring should be installed properly to avoid irritating slippage and injury. All rugs are appropriate on wooden floors, but special consideration should be paid to which anti-slippage device is used.

What you place under your rug to keep it in place makes a vast difference.

To prevent any slippage, place a vinyl pad underneath. Do not use plastic, rubber or foam pads, as they can discolour wooden flooring. Carpet tape, even when it’s made specifically for hardwood floors, can leave a sticky residue which can be difficult to remove.

Many rugs have backings which grip the floor but can be unkind to wooden flooring – some actually damaging the finish. As a rule, use only rugs that have a natural backing to avoid any damage.

For engineered flooring look at websites such as for more information.


Rugs have become fashionable and popular additions to our home.

If your room happens to contain many windows, the hardwood floors will probably naturally be lightened by the sun, no matter which floor protectors or pads you use. However, the flooring underneath the rugs would remain the original colour.

You will find hardwood flooring significantly darker in places where there have been no rugs. Sun-fading happens with all wooden floors and all types of rug.

As a natural product, wood oxidises. As it is exposed to light, it changes colour. Waiting around six months after the installation of the flooring can help prevent the colour change, as can moving rugs around the home occasionally. There isn’t an easy fix for the colour difference – even sanding won’t help. The best solution would be to remove the rugs and wait for the colour change to even up.

More Tips

• Placing rugs at doors on hardwood floors is recommended by most manufacturers. The most important factor when choosing rugs is personal taste when it comes to placing rugs in your home.
• Use non-slip protectors made from vinyl underneath your rugs and furniture, avoiding any other material, and refrain from using adhesives to keep your rugs in place.
• Rotating your rugs is an easy way to prevent sun-fade. Also use window coverings in the sunniest rooms to ensure they are well protected during the brightest periods.