Tips For Mini Vacations

There are occasions when time and money won’t permit your family to have an expensive out of town vacation. These moments present an excellent opportunity to plan an in town staycation for your family. These staycations are made affordable because there is no excess money spent on gas or extravagant activities. Instead, these getaways focus on relaxation and family time more than anything else. They are easy to plan and cost a fraction of what a typical out-of-town vacation would cost.

Booking the Hotel
The hotel is often the most costly element of the vacation. Because you’re not traveling out of town, there is no extra money needed for gas which gives a lot of wiggle room. Start early and look for coupons or weekend deals on hotels. If you’re planning your getaway during the off-season, you may be able to get a really nice hotel for half of what it would normally cost. Even if you don’t find a fancy hotel laid out with fireplace bellows, you’re sure to find some place nice enough to truly relax.

Planning the Itinerary
Simplicity is the key when it comes to a mini vacation. Keep activities to a minimum and perhaps make eating at a nice restaurant the family activity. Take advantage of the hotel amenities as options for easy entertainment. An indoor pool is the perfect in-house activity, and a hotel gym can serve as something to do if you get bored. For more information, please visit fireplace bellows

Take advantage of the premium cable and the movie channels. Plan a family movie night towards the end of the evening. If you have small children, you may even consider bringing along a gaming system or some children’s movies. However, keep in mind that the hotel may have movie rentals you can take advantage of for free or for a minimal fee. Use your imagination, there’s a lot you can do.

Strategic Dining
Many hotels offer a free breakfast, and some are quite nice. Others may offer a simple continental breakfast that consists of coffee and a few pastries. However, make sure you inquire because many hotels offer a full-scale breakfast inclusive of delicious breakfast foods like waffles and omelets. Not only will you save some money on food but you won’t have to travel far to take advantage of these treats.

Mini vacations give the family an opportunity to come together, eat, and relax in a simple low maintenance way. These getaways are not meant to be filled to the brim with activities and expensive dinners but instead offer the family an opportunity to take advantage of hotel amenities, free food, and a nice hotel. They provide the perfect respite from a busy stressful schedule.