The Importance of Wood in Building Modern Society

There is no denying the fact that wood is the single most important material in the history of civilization. Regardless of what civilization a person is discussing, wood has played a role in that society’s advancement. One only needs to think about things like how wood has been used to construct homes, construct furniture, build transportation, serve as fuel, create toys, and just about everything else imaginable.

Something that many people forget is that the prototypes of all of the major modes of transportation that currently exist today were built out of wood. Even things as complicated as a submarine or an airplane started with prototypes that were made out of wood. For more information, please visit wood preserving

It was not until recent centuries that people were able to turn to alternative sources for fuel. For Millennium wood was the only option available to light up the night or to fight off a chill. With time, mankind learned that wood could be reshaped and sculpted to fit their needs. It’s true that mankind has used materials such as bone and stone to shape materials that they could use, however, they first learned by working with wood.

For all of its value, one of the downsides about wood is how difficult it is to preserve. Wood preserving allowed societies to benefit longer from the laborers that their citizens did in crafting and building wood. Some of the first preservatives that were used were animal fat. This worked in a way, but it did not provide the level of protection that was needed in order to have wooden structures or wooden tools that will last for the long haul. With time, wooden structures or wooden tools benefited from more advanced protection techniques.

Interestingly, although mankind learned how to mold and control metal, this did not mean that they stopped needing wooden tools or wooden devices. In fact, wooden devices were key in creating the shops, transportation, and molding devices needed to create metal tools.

Even in the modern world, wood is at the heart of where people live, where they sit, where they eat, and where they spend their free time. Wood is without a doubt the most important material that mankind has had at their disposal. Its variety in hardness, color, shape, and smell has meant that people could use it in many different applications. Without it, it would have been impossible to pave the road to modern civilization.