The Essential Tools That Every Kitchen Needs

Whether you are equipping your kitchen for the first time or simply modernising it, you will find that having the right tools for the job makes producing delicious meals much easier and quicker. Here are our recommended basics.

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Serving and Stirring Equipment

Your ladle should have a large bowl suitable for serving soups and a hooked handle so that it can be secured on the edge of the pot. You will need rubber and metal spatulas, and both should have thin and flexible blades so that they slide easily under items such as pancakes. A sturdy slotted spoon will allow you to drain food as you serve it and should have a handle that does not get too hot. Tongs should have non-slip handles and can be used for turning items such as chops, burgers or steaks whilst cooking. Choose a whisk with thin wires and a solid handle that will make washing it easier.


When choosing knives, remember that keeping knives sharp is essential according to the Health and Safety Executive, so select a chef’s knife and a paring knife that feel comfortable in your hand and can be sharpened as necessary. Kitchen shears with tapered tips are useful for many tasks, such as cutting bacon, and a good peeler will make preparing vegetables much quicker than peeling with a knife. Your bread knife should be serrated and have a blade a minimum of eight inches long. Choose one with an offset handle.

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A garlic press and a lemon press will save time when chopping and can be washed in the dishwasher. A box grater is a good idea, as it has different options for shredding, zesting and grating different types of foods. For salad ideas and a range of different food recipes, check out online sources such as Food-tales the online food recipe blog website.

Other Tools

Other essentials when preparing recipes include an instant-read thermometer, measuring cups or scales and measuring spoons, preferably oval so they will fit into spice jars. Every kitchen needs a tin opener and a corkscrew, even if these are not used frequently. Choose a pepper mill with an adjustable grind setting that is also easy to refill, as this can be time-consuming. A salad spinner and a good colander will complete the list of essentials your kitchen needs.