The Benefits of Aluminium Radiators

When you need to buy a new radiator, aluminium might not be your first thought, however, there are several good reasons why you should consider them. Here are some of the top reasons:

It is an easy-to-recycle material

Aluminium is actually the most widely available and most recycled metal on the planet. Compared to a lot of other metals, aluminium is fairly cheap and simple to recycle. If you are concerned about the environment, buying an aluminium radiator will give you peace of mind.

Buying a radiator that contains recycled aluminium also means that there is no further stripping of the earth’s resources and no additional cost that’s associated with extracting aluminium from the earth.

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In the future, when your aluminium radiator has reached the end of its life, you know that it can be melted down and used again for another purpose for the generations of the future.

A lightweight material

Aluminium is very light and because of this, transporting it doesn’t cost as much as transporting a heavier metal like cast iron for example. This makes aluminium radiators an economical choice, as the savings from transportation are passed on in a lower cost for delivery and installation. If you’re looking for great value for money, you should consider aluminium column radiators for this reason.

Because of its lower weight, it’s also a material that’s easily bent, shaped and manipulated. It is down to this ability to be pliable that aluminium radiators can come in a wide range of shapes, designs and styles. This means you can have radiators that offer unique aesthetics to your home’s interior. For column radiators, visit Apollo.

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Heat conductor

Aluminium is a brilliant heat conductor, and this is exactly the kind of property you want in a radiator. They reach optimum temperature in a short time and this makes them more economical too, as less fuel and water are required than with other types of radiators.

This should mean you notice a pleasant reduction in your energy bills as you’re wasting less energy when your home heats up quicker, as it does with aluminium radiators. Thanks to the high conductivity of the metal, you’ll also notice a higher heat output than you would get with the same size radiators made from a different material.

They are suitable to be installed in any room of the house and also make a sensible choice for rooms that are less used than others, because of the speed at which the radiators heat up. This can include lofts, garages and conservatories.