Light Fire Extinguishers Cartridge System

Generally, Light Fire Extinguishers that spread on the market have different types. This is because to meet the market needs are also diverse. Two of them are Cartridge and Stored Pressure fire extinguishers. For people who are not familiar with fire protection equipment well, these two tools will look the same. But there are actually quite basic differences about how the extinguishers operate. We will describe about the operation of APAR with cartridge system.

Cartridge system is a fire extinguisher which pressure is inserted in different place (cartridge) with its extinguishing media, or in other words cartridge is located outside the tube.

You can see that its Gas Cartridge (usually Carbon Dioxide CO2) is located in a different place with its extinguishing media in the form of Dry Chemical. Although placed differently, the Cartridge Gas or propellant gas is attached to the top of the extinguisher. For more info you can visit this link

The workings of Cartridge System is to tear the membrane of the cartridge so that the gas can flow into the fire extinguisher. Due to the release of gas and entering the extinguishing tube, the chemical media (Dry Chemical) is pressed into the hose to be used to extinguish the fire.

If you choose to buy this Cartridge System type tube then the various benefits you can get you can easily recharge. In addition, because the driving gas and its media are not placed in a tube so that the clumping of the media will not occur.

Despite the ease of recharge Cartridge System, this type of fire extinguisher has several disadvantages, including pressure in the tube can not be ascertained because of the absence of pressure gauges. So be careful when using do not get jerked. But there is still a way to check the contents of the pressure is to remove the cartridge and weigh it.

In addition, using a Fire Extinguisher with cartridge system is also less economical. Because it can only be used 1 time without leaving the reserve pressure if you already wear it.