Intelligent Ways Room With Carpet

Carpets – In the world of interior design, the carpet has an important role in the house, various colors and motifs make the room more interesting. Not only that, rugs are often used by homeowners as a complement to the interior of the house and a place to sit. However, this tapestry also has history, what is the history of this tapestry? When viewed from its history, the word tapestry comes from ancient Italian, called “carpire”. “Carpire” itself has a meaning of coating.

Not only as a complement, but this tapestry can also be an interesting decorative elements in every room, the rug can make the bedroom interior more attractive, additional decorative elements after the credenza in the living room / family room, there are even some people who use rugs in the kitchen set And dining room.

Carpets / tapestries were discovered from centuries, the discovery of the oldest rugs found in a tomb in the valley Pazyrik. So the rug is an item made from knitted fabric fibers that serve to coat or used as a base. As time goes by, carpets / carpets also develop, where the materials used to make it already various kinds, such as floor carpet and fur rugs.

Rug Function

If you want to buy a tapestry, there are some things you should consider before choosing a rug so you are not confused while choosing. It is better if in choosing a tapestry should be adjusted to your needs for the rug, the following information:

  1. Make sure before you buy the tapestry, the location of the tapestry at home when you buy it, want to put where the tapestry. If you already know where to put it, measure the area of the room, so the size of the tapestry in accordance with the size of the space
  2. What is the function of the tapestry? Before buying a rug, it’s good to think about the function of the tapestry, whether for occasional use only when receiving a particular guest / event. If the tapestry is only for occasional use, choose a rolled-up carpet.

But if to coat the floor, choose a carpet / rug that is easy to clean.

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That’s all the usefulness of the Rug, may be useful