How to Maintain a Mini Refrigerator

A quality mini fridge is a valued appliance for garages, dorm rooms, small apartments, and game rooms. There are a few things you can do to keep your mini fridge in great shape.

Find a Good Home for Your Mini Fridge

You want to find an easily accessible location for your mini refrigerator that is out of direct sunlight. The appliance will struggle to keep the inside cold if there is too much heat hitting the surface. The same problem can happen if placed near ovens, cooktops, and heater vents. Allow 4 to 6-inches of clearance between the back of the appliance and the wall. Do not put bulky items on top, as tempting as it might seem.

Controlling Odors

The small size of the fridge is a plus in many ways, but cleaning has to be done immediately after a spill to eliminate odors. If you plan on keeping foods inside, keep a small plastic cup with 1/2-cup baking soda at the back lower portion. Baking soda is excellent for eliminating refrigerator odors.

Interior Cleaning

Cleaning the inside of a mini fridge is simple and should be done once a week to keep it looking like new. A small dab of dishwashing liquid on a warm, wet rag will clean the interior surface. Make sure to pull out the grates and rinse them in the sink. Rinse well using the cloth and a little cold water. Dry the surface with paper towels, and replace the grates. Avoid using harsh cleaners and abrasives on the interior. A little sprinkle of baking soda and water will help bring up any stuck-on food and drinks. Rinse it with a clean rag, dry with paper towels and the surface will be spotless.

Exterior Cleaning

The cleaner used for the exterior surface of your mini fridge will depend on the surface material. You can use the same dishwashing liquid mixture as the interior cleaning if there is a standard enamel finish. You will have to use a chrome cleaner if this is what makes up the exterior surface. Check your owner’s manual for safe product recommendations.

Proper Storage

There are a couple of things to consider before storing the refrigerator away for the season if you are only an occasional user. Make sure to empty the appliance completely. Clean the interior and prop the door open while it is “off” and unplugged. Place a towel directly beneath the appliance and in the bottom interior. The towels will catch any moisture that condenses as the refrigerator returns to ambient room temperature. Do not close the door until you are sure it has completely dried out to avoid mold growth.

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