How to Buy a Healthy Mattress

There are many mattresses out there to choose from as you will soon discover when you are shopping around for one. There are mattresses that vary in thickness, firmness and some can be adjusted so that you and your partner have the firmness that you want. There are even mattresses that will sit you up in bed with the touch of a button. Some even vibrate to help relax your muscles. There are even some that boast that they are “healthy” such as these found at Royal Pedic . So, what exactly is a healthy” mattress? It certainly doesn’t eat a balanced diet and exercise, but it is deemed better for you in many ways.

There’s not just one easy or simple choice. There are many out there. When shopping for an organic or natural mattress, there are a few things to watch out for to ensure that the mattress you buy is a healthy one. Check the tag to see if the mattress you are buying is made of organic fabrics. Look for organic fill and unbleached cotton.

You should also look for organic dyes and avoid fabrics treated with chemicals. A substantial amount of pesticides is used on cotton crops and choosing organic materials and products whenever you can do make a difference in keeping you and the environment healthy. You should also check to make sure that the mattress you are eyeing is certified organic and that means everything. The top, the fill, and the back and not just parts of it.

You’ll want to choose natural and organic latex which is from rubber tree sap. There are different types of latex such as synthetic latex which is man-made, there’s blended latex which is made from natural as well as synthetic materials, and there is certified organic latex. Certified organic latex is what you are looking for. A bonus is that latex is very durable and will last as many as 20 years or more depending on the quality of the latex. You should look for organic cotton or wool for the batting and clean the fibers at least once a year.

You want to make sure that the animal fibers are easily removed so that you can clean them. This’ll keep them sanitary since they are not treated with chemicals. Keep in mind that wool’s a natural retardant to fire but it can still catch fire, but as long as you don’t place your mattress right next to a fireplace you don’t have much to worry about. You should also skip the spring mattress. According to a study by Scientific America, spring mattresses have been linked to cancer because the springs actually act as an amplifier for TV broadcast and FM signals. They also promote the growth of dust mites and mildew since they create a damp and dark spawning area for them to multiply in. Pay attention to what your mattress is made of and ask questions if you are unsure what it is made of.