Healthier Deer Farm Herds Through Better Nutrition

Deer farming is a $3 billion dollar a year industry in the United States that is one of the fastest growing business types in the country. Many landowners have begun deer farming to supplement their income as other employment becomes less easy to find in rural areas. Raising any type of animal requires the right products and knowledge and deer harvests can only thrive if the animals are given the right nutrition. This is why a quality deer supplement is something that all successful deer farmers use. There are many ways that a supplement will improve the health and profitability of a herd.

Improve Breeding Programs

Deer farms cannot earn a profit if they are unable to produce their own young. Nutrition may determine if the deer are fertile enough for a breeding program to be successful. A high-quality diet ensures that breeding mothers are healthier and able to produce young that start out larger and stronger than an animal that is born to a less healthy parent. The young will be more likely to thrive, grow faster and reach larger sizes than they would if their diet were inadequate. Good nutrition may help to prevent stillborn and infant mortality rates too. A Swedish study on mortality rates at deer farms showed that one of the greatest risks to newborns was a low birthweight because smaller animals were less likely to have the strength to fight off disease.

Produce Desirable Deer

More nutritious and better-tasting venison is also important and this is only possible when the animals are fed well during life. Of course, deer are not only a valuable food source but a trophy animal as well. Large racks are desirable on bucks and a good supplement helps to make that happen. High levels of protein help with antler growth and using a supplement along with a high protein pellet makes it easier to have a population with outstanding antlers.

Deer contained within one area will not have access to all of the food sources they may have in nature. It is important for farmers to be cautious about making certain they get the variety they need in their diet. With the supplements and professionally formulated feed available it is easy to not only match what nature offers but improve on it. Less disease, larger animals and more impressive trophy antlers make it worth the investment.