Garage Floors Can be Attractive

There seems to be a common opinion that a garage floor should just be cement since vehicles often bring in dirt, water or snow on the tires. While it is true that garage floors are susceptible to whatever mess an automobile has driven through, an epoxy garage floor makes cleaning up a breeze.

Cement garage floors are not only unattractive, the surface can crack or become stained by various chemicals that are often used in the space. Floorguard offers one of the <a href=”” >best garage floor epoxy</a> systems available as the finished surface will be very durable, easy to clean and great looking. A Floorguard epoxy garage floor bonds like iron to the existing cement, and produces a thick seamless surface that will not chip, crack or peel.

Existing garage floor surfaces are mechanically prepared for epoxy application by using a shot blast machine to remove a thin top layer of cement and ensure the surface is cleaned of any contaminates. The bond coat is then applied and penetrates deep into the concrete providing a base for the media color of choice. Once the bond coat and media have cured, the final encapsulation coat is applied resulting in a tough and beautiful garage floor.

There is a wide variety of color choices and patterns available with the Floorguard epoxy flooring system. Solid colors include blue, green, tan and grey in metallic, platinum or solid granite. Crushed granite colors are also available and include rust and brick red as well as shades of grey and tan. When the beautiful flooring options are taken into consideration, it is not surprising the company has great reviews from many satisfied clients.

Some homeowners are so satisfied with their new epoxy garage floor that they choose the process for other areas of their property. These areas may include a patio, sidewalk or the entryway into their home. Floorguard is one of the epoxy garage floor systems that is fully warranted, and the surface will also resist fading due to UV exposure offering years of timeless beauty.