Flower Delivery as One of The Best Ways to Congratulate Someone

There could not be anything better than to express your feelings towards a loved one and send all your loving with a wonderful bouquet of flowers. I do organize flower delivery quite often to many of my relatives but something that I had to do several months ago was very special. I have never experienced it before and very pleasant and overwhelming experience.

We had a very heavy working schedule at work as well as I had to do a lot of traveling across many states in the country. The events took place in December when before the New Year I had to complete a large number of leads in order prolong our company’s contracts with counter agents for the following year. Over the course of several days, I had to visit as much as two cities per day and being in the state of sheer tiredness, go to bed in a hotel to commence my daily duties over again in the next morning.

I have been living in such state of rhythm for a couple of weeks but the final results, for coming holidays as well as generous bonuses to my salary were illusive and had a great stimulus. For a little while, I simply lost the sense of reality and the actual knowledge what day it is, when whilst preparing some contracts and other documents I realized that my mother had her birthday and was turning sixty years old that day. It was a very bizarre situation, as at the time I realized it took me totally unaware and unprepared. The problem was that I had to act very quickly and without any hesitation. Luckily, I realized that she has got the anniversary that day on the early morning, so even though the day promised to be very busy I believed that there was some spared time to organize something for my mother.

The first thing that obviously appeared in my mind was to go to vipiris.com for flower delivery to her house in order to congratulate her. The idea was very simple but the most effective, if the circumstances of rush and urgency were taken into account. I also realized that it might take me quite a while to find the right florist that is going to be capable of doing the job and is going to satisfy my needs. Therefore, after completing the papers for my work I decided to have a look at what is available whilst getting to our partner’s office in a taxi. The whole trip should have taken up to twenty minutes and I was pretty confident that this time should be more than enough to accomplish the mission. However, this awful feeling of urgency could not get off and I really could not wait to start the search.

When I got into a taxi I immediately got my iPad to hand and started to look what is on offer in the area where my mom lived. The system has given me plenty of results from which to choose from but the first thing I was looking at, were the terms and condition as the same day delivery was the most important priority for me. I first needed to find a great florist that could have arranged it at the acceptable price and provided a hundred percent guaranty that it is going to be done on the same day without any delays.

I kept my fingers crossed and was simply amazed when the second company from the top of the list totally complied with my requirements. It based its business not too far away from my mother’s home, so it promised to send flowers quickly and a fare rate right in accordance with the distance.

I also really liked the site of the store I got into and immediately entered the birthday section to have a look what is on offer there. A very bright and colorful bouquet that featured hot pink roses, yellow roses, pink asters and some purple statice cached my attention. I liked the flowers very much and knew that my mother loves bright colors as well, so the item appeared in the shopping card straight away. I also opted for a large bouquet option, added some latex balloons and a greeting card with the text written in a box provided. It took me about five minutes to completed my choice and I was ready to order flowers for my mom.

Before entering the payment details I checked the order and every point of the final invoice again. Everything looked so perfect therefore the order was submitted, which provided a great relief for me. By receiving a confirmation of the order via email, I was a hundred percent confident that the flowers are going to reach my mother on exactly the same day and this great feeling provided a total peace of mind to me and ability to concentrate on my work.

She received the bouquet I purchased on http://vipiris.com for her in several hours time. My mom could not be any happier and expressed it so many times during our conversation over the phone later that day. I was also very happy that the things turned very well and being totally satisfied with the service provided bared in mind the company I dealt with for the future.