Does My Garbage Disposal Need Repaired or Replaced?

A garbage disposal that gets used frequently will wear out and need repaired or replaced at some point. These are fairly low cost appliances that are usually better to replace, rather than deal with the hassle of making repairs on such a small item. Below are a few clues that can help you determine if you need to have a repair technician change the disposal out for a new one.

Metallic Grinding Noises

Failure to use strainers over the drain in the kitchen sink can spell disaster for your garbage disposal unit. If a piece of flatware ends up sliding down the drain unnoticed, the moment you turn on the disposal you will hear a distinct metallic grinding noise. Even after removing the item there will be damage to the chopping blades. It is usually more cost-effective to replace the unit over having it repaired. For more information, please visit sub zero repair service

Foul Odors That Do Not Go Away

There is no doubt that at times a garbage disposal can let loose with some odors. They can be cleared away using bleach and dish soap, lemons or orange slices. There will come a time that the odors will return and not fade away for long. This is a good time to simply replace the unit. There is probably foods stuck in areas that cannot be reached by cleaners and acidic fruits.

Leaks in the Disposal Area

Water leaks in plumbing have to dealt with right away. If they get bad there can be a lot of damage done quickly. When the leak seems to be coming from the area that the garbage disposal connects with the sink, it is wise to replace the disposal. The sink flange will most likely have to be replaced as well. They were and crack over time with all of the vibration of the garbage disposal.

Constant Clogs

You should run the water on high for 20 to 30 seconds after operating the garbage disposal to help prevent clogs. If the drain is clogging frequently, the unit might need to be replaced. The blades might be defective, broken or dull. The replacement costs can be cheaper than trying to have the current unit fixed.

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