Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners: Bagged and Bagless

Finding the proper vacuum cleaner is not like going to the convenience store to get fruits and veggies. At the same time, it is different than buying other cleaners that you can find on the market and chemicals.

Generally, vacuum cleaners come at numerous functionalities, sizes, shapes, colors, and prices. The idea is to maintain the hygiene of your household so that you can live in a healthy and perfect environment for your particular needs.

Therefore, before investing in bagged vacuums, you should learn more about the different types you can find on the market.

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

We can differentiate five different shapes of vacuums in which each one of them will provide you the basic functions as well as a unique one. The best way to choose the one for your particular needs is to determine the types beforehand:

  • Handheld – Similarly, as the name suggests, the handheld vacuums are perfect for hard-to-reach areas that require cleaning. You can find them in cars and kitchen areas, which requires a single hand for the operation. The best thing about them is the versatility so that you can handle the debris and dirt in narrow areas. However, they are not efficient for flooring and carpet cleaning, which is why you should get the difference in those situations.
  • Canister – The intermediary between stick and upright models are canister vacuum cleaners. You will get similar performance and suction power as the upright ones, but you will get the slender frame. It features the canister that comes with the long one so that you can handle bare floors as well as carpets and other areas around your household. You can find them in all price tags, and generally, you can find a wide array of advanced options on the market. You should check here to learn more about vacuums in general.
  • Upright – This particular type of vacuum cleaners is the most popular that you can find on the market. As soon as you imagine the vacuum, this one will pop up in the mind. They are powerful enough to clean any part of your home. Due to convenient accessories and functions, you can enjoy their convenient efficiency along the way. Remember that most models can handle both bare floors and carpeted surfaces.
  • Stick – The least powerful type on the market, the stick vacuums are best for handling hardwood floors and narrow areas. You can also clean light carpeting and rugs. Remember that it features the long stick as well as slender construction. Due to its design, you will be able to use it for closet areas and reach any corner you prefer.
  • Robot or Autonomous – In the last few years, robot vacuums became the popular solutions for numerous households across the world. The idea is that you need to program them at first and leave them clean everything around. They can roam without any additional hassle around your house, and handle any mess along the way. They will reach the areas that regular vacuums cannot and save your time along the way. The main disadvantage of them is the expensive price tag that you have to spare to get them.

Bagged or Bagless

In general, in both cases, you will be able to clean your household. Therefore, everything depends on your preferences, while we are here to provide you a few differences that you should remember along the way.

  • Bagged – If you are sensitive to allergens or have other respiratory issues, the best solution for your family is the bagged vacuum. The main reason for that is the minimal exposure to dirt while emptying the bag and you will be able to trap the dust in microns depending on the type and model you decide to get. Of course, you will have to replace the bags regularly, but generally, that is the only disadvantage we can think of.

If you wish to learn how to clean a vacuum, you should visit this site: https://www.wikihow.com/Clean-a-Vacuum for more information.

  • Bagless – On the other hand, if you wish to get an eco-friendly solution that will not affect your enjoyment and convenience, you can choose bagless models instead. The vacuum features the transparent canister so that you can determine the amount of debris inside all the time. Therefore, you will be able to empty it without any additional problems.