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Useful Information and Travel Tips When Visiting Egypt

Egyptian pyramidsAre you looking to visit Egypt which is situated at the northeast tip of Africa? Below we will provide you with some useful tips ranging from health recommendations to local customs to ensure a seamless trip.

What Vaccinations Are Needed For Egypt?

Consult your local doctor before embarking on a trip to Egypt to ensure you get all the crucial vaccinations you need. Generally, Rabies, Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Diphtheria vaccines are advised.

Is Tap Water in Egypt Safe to Drink?

It is safe to drink tap water in Egypt. However, it is highly treated with chlorine and may cause stomach upsets. If possible, we recommend avoiding drinking tap water in Egypt. Instead, use bottled water that is easily available in shops, restaurants and hotels at a cheap price. You can use tap water for showering and brushing your teeth, it poses no risks.

What’s The Food Like in

Key Facts You Need To Know For a Truly Unforgettable Dive Holiday

As the holiday months become a tangible aspect within our reach we can begin to focus on planning for a summer of Kota Kinabalu diving. Regardless of what stage of planning you’re at, the following tipsĀ are designed to help you have the best diving holiday possible.

The first thing you will need to do is decide on the type of holiday you would like. Are you a fully experienced diver searching for an extreme location to explore? Or perhaps you would just like to experience the joy of diving for the first time.


There are many celebratory holidays to be enjoyed throughout the year such as honeymoons, weddings and birthdays. There is, perhaps, no better way to enjoy the beginnings of married life than with a spectacular diving experience. Summer is the perfect reason to spend a honeymoon diving in the gorgeous waters off the coast of …

Why Frosted Glass Doors Work For Your Home

Increasingly over the previous few years, sliding interior doors have become very popular for use throughout the home, dwelling and office. TruStile is a leader in premium stile-and-rail wooden and MDF (medium density fiberboard) doorways. Because of the shapes and raised moldings, not all doors are available as sliding or pocket doors, as they’d be unable to fit properly in the slots. The firm also makes lovely French doors and can design and craft custom doors as properly. Glass that is toughened, insulated, tempered, or impact-resistant brings edges that commonplace glass does not. Choose a door style here to be taught extra or use our Design Your Doors software to see what a customized alternative door would seem like with the fashion, shade and hardware options you want.

Bi-fold doorways comprise of two panels which fold twice onto itself, while the multi-fold doorways encompass smaller panels which fold three to …

Residential Art Glass Lighting

The lighting in a house modifications the temper of a room simply as it does the perceived dimension of a room. These lighting make minimal use of house, whether or not on the wall, ceiling, or table high, and work superbly in areas with open ground plans. If you room has a great amount of windows, you can too use the natural daylight as a viable option to adding basic lighting to the room. LEDGlow’s LiteTrike Advanced Million Color LED Lighting Kits will illuminate your Goldwing Trike, Harley Trike or Can-Am with lighting strips that had been designed particularly for trikes and bigger bikes. Most new condo models have provisions for basic observe lights and might be simply moved from one place to a different with easy re-wiring.

Of interest, seemingly little consideration has been given to the potential impact of lighting on vehicles to power use and gas consumption. …

Interior Sliding Glass Doors For The Modern Home Or Office

Glass doorways are an amazing selection for both properties and businesses, and supply an excellent many benefits. We inventory each trendy and conventional design interior wood doors, so you will not be stuck for selection, whatever your fashion. Sliding glass doors are constructed using the next components: a head, sill, insulated glass, hardware, and a jamb. One of the disadvantages of glass doors is that they’re extra liable to crack or break if they receive a very sharp knock or heavy blow. Every interior door set is priced according to the door width and consists of the next parts: slab, frame, levers, 2x molding sets, 2x pivot hinges.

Classic interior doorways are available in pine, walnut, oak and beech, but you might also opt to have your doorways in up to date finishes like white oak. We additionally provide the total vary of interior door frame supplies, hardware, and trim. …