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How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for You Buying a vacuum cleaner must not be done in a rush. Always keep in mind that having the right vacuum cleaner is a worthwhile investment in your home as well as in your health. Do not be tempted to take those great-looking brands and models as they aren’t always the best. Before you make a purchase, consider conducting a pre-purchase research to be equipped with essential information. The tips provided below can also help you arrive at a better decision. 1. KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL VACUUM CLEANERS Residential and commercial vacuum cleaners are the two general types of vacuum cleaners available in the market right now. Choosing between these two types can be done better when you understand your own cleaning necessities and the nature of your cleaning tasks. Most of the times, the industrial vacuum cleaners are heavy-duty machines that are meant to perform well on specific tasks like museum artifact cleaning, mercury cleanup, mold remediation and hazardous material cleanup. The market has a good number of brands that has set the gold star standard for industrial or commercial vacuum cleaning. Of course, they are meant to do best in specific jobs, so it now awaits you to do your research about them. But stores also offer another type of vacuums which are the residential vacuum cleaners. They are machines that may not be as heavy-duty as the industrial ones but are designed to meet the specific needs of every home, especially in matters of thorough vacuum cleaning.
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There are different styles of vacuum cleaners you can find right now. These come in the form of canister, upright and stick vacuum cleaner. They do have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you better make a pick only after evaluating your needs and situation. For instance, the upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for highly carpeted homes and offices. In addition to that, they are super easy to steer and control, so you can find a great use of them in wide and open areas. If you are eyeing for this kind of vacuum, then do not miss to check some factors like power cord length, suction control and height adjustment. If you are cleaning in stairs and small areas, then a canister vacuum cleaner is a good option for you. If your area is not mostly carpeted, then this is also a good option. The stick vacuum is also worth your review. It is super lightweight and so easy to maneuver. And the best part of it is that it’s portable and lets you do a quick cleaning.