Are these the dirtiest places in your kitchen?

We normally think of the bathroom as being the dirtiest place in our homes for obvious reasons. Research has indicated that this may not be the case, however, as scientists have been taking samples from people’s kitchens with unsavoury results.

Why are kitchens dirty?

It’s not surprising that kitchens are so dirty when you think about food preparation. With raw food being prepared in them, things being thrown out and household pets running around, they must be a hotbed of bacteria. Food poisoning is evidence of what can go wrong with poor hygiene. Research has suggested that the kitchen sink is the dirtiest place in the house.

Where are the dirtiest spots?

The Refrigerator

The fridge is notorious for bacteria growth. There are many reasons this could be happening, but the incorrect storage of meat is one of the biggest culprits. Raw meat should always be stored at the bottom of the fridge so its juices can’t drip down onto other food. Another cause could be an incorrect temperature setting. Fridges are often being set too high, allowing microbes to grow easily. Listeria may occur in such fridges.

Our cloths and sponges

It seems that our cloths and sponges are harbouring nasty bacteria such as staph, and quite a few contain faecal matter. That’s something to think about when you are cleaning your beloved appliances such as pizza ovens. Cleaning or microwaving your clothes daily should eradicate most bacteria and lower your risks of contaminating your appliances and surfaces.

Chopping boards

We love our kitchens and our modern appliances such as Why do we feel the need to use old chopping boards? They are potential hazards, with bacteria lurking potentially in any scratches. Replacing them as soon as they get damaged is essential.

The deadly sink

As mentioned, the sink is the dirtiest place in the kitchen and the entire home. Faecal matter has been found in almost half of sinks surveyed. E. coli has also been found. Because sinks are wet, they are the perfect environment for breeding germs. Cleaning and disinfecting your sink is essential, paying attention to taps and faucet as these areas are often neglected and are touched by dirty hands.

Before you blame a restaurant for your upset stomach, you might want to give your kitchen a thorough cleaning.