3 Ways to Create an Inspiring Landscape

Landscaping your home can ignite a newfound appreciation for the outdoors or invigorate an existing one. It can also increase the value of your home, grandfathering future homeowners into a well-loved property from the outside-in.

Frame Your Entrance

Welcome guests into your outdoor area with a classic lattice or picket fence, or whimsical corten steel gates. An attractive lawn transition can help set the tone for the rest of the garden experience, so it pays to invest some time in designing a guest’s first impression. It is also a way to infuse personality beyond the flora and fauna you’ve chosen to cultivate in your backyard.

Build Pathways

Little walkways can increase the charm factor of your surrounding lawn, encouraging exploration and meandering. Clear soil through an especially wide flower bed and lay stone or wooden planks to create makeshift stepping paths; these can make tending to your plants much easier, but also offer routes for guests to travel on as they walk your landscaped area.

Introduce a Focal Point

A well-placed gazebo or pond can add a new focus to your gardening, as well as offer an oasis moment. By implementing one or more of these in your backyard, you can draw the eye to these points of relaxation and reflection with creative landscaping. Linear bricks or cobbles can angle towards these areas while they section off swaths of perennials and other greenery.

Don’t Forget Light

Lighting can foster a magical evening atmosphere. Lanterns can be hung from trees for an ambient glow; globe lights can be strung between living arbors and patio roofs to illuminate a nighttime dinner setting.

Participating in your own home’s landscaping can be therapeutic and rewarding. It can also create places of both introspection and family gathering, and all together encourage more time spent in the outdoors. By implementing one or more of these suggestions, you can design an inspiring first and lasting impression of your home.