10 clothing items every man should own in his wardrobe

If you’re a guy who appreciates looking sharp, these 10 wardrobe staples are essential.

  1. Beige trench coat

    Slung over a suit or casual attire, the beige trench coat is a key item for any man’s wardrobe. Smart and snappy, it looks cool but will keep you dry in a shower.

    2. Black lace-up shoes

    This classic style of shoe will get plenty of wear, and is the mainstay of any formal attire. Choose a good quality brand for long-lasting appeal.

    3. Slim jeans

    Jeans are the foundation of a man’s wardrobe, but pay attention to style if you want to be seen as a snappy dresser. Slim-fit, blue jeans are essential, but avoid ones that are too tight. Dark, selvedge denim wins every time.

  1. A pair of Wayfarers

    According to The Idle Man, Wayfarer sunglasses are the ultimate in robust smart/casual sunglasses. Desirable and iconic, they suit every face shape, so are a must for every man.

    5. Navy blazer

    You will ooze style and sophistication in a well-cut navy blazer, from a respected label. For formal or casual wear, it offers ample style and appeal.

    6. White t-shirt

    The ubiquitous white t-shirt earns its place in a man’s wardrobe thanks to its versatility, as it pretty much goes with anything. Always choose a quality brand to keep it looking in pristine condition, such as from a renowned retailer like http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah, who sells everything from mens Farah shirts to classic white t-shirts.

    7. Navy t-shirt

    For a change from the white t-shirt, a navy one mixes your wardrobe style up a bit. This essential staple blends well with jeans, shorts or chinos. Again, stick to quality brands for durability.

    8. Tan Derbies

    This versatile pair of shoes is happy to team up with casual or formal attire, and works well with colours such as grey or navy. If in doubt, the Tan Derbies won’t let you down.

    9. Oxblood Penny loafers

    Loafers can be tricky to get right, but you won’t need to worry with this classic pair. Dripping with style, they are just waiting to be teamed up with cropped, slim-fit chinos.

    10. Bomber jacket

    For warmer weather, the classic lightweight bomber jacket will ensure any man stays bang on-trend. Opt for a well-cut, simple style in dark cotton or light fabrics.