What to Do Following Fire and Water Property Damages

Most property owners are confused on how to best clean-up and restore their damaged properties following some type of fire and/or water damaging event. This major event might be a house fire due to a furnace malfunction, kitchen fire or an electrical problem. Like any fire, the responding firefighters will often put out the blaze by using large amounts of pressurized water. The actual damage results will depend on the amount and extent of fire, smoke and water damage to the structure or property. Another important property restoration element is greatly related to the precise and prompt efforts that property owners and/or professional property restoration specialists perform.


It’s hard to fathom, but the results following a cleanup and restoration process depends on the skills, equipment and special restoration techniques used by professionals trained on the latest methods of property damage restoration in Camarillo. This type of tragedy happens without warning. Other causes of fires include careless smoking, unsupervised outdoor burning barrels, appliance overload and lightning strikes among others. Smoke damage can affect more area because it can spread via air vents and open doors/windows. To avoid this, individuals can close off vents, windows and doors to contain the damage to one smaller location.


Surprisingly, many property owners only add to the original damage by performing cleaning tasks that burrow fire residual smoke and soot deeper into the inner layers of walls, drapery, furniture and carpeting. Special cleaning supplies, equipment and advanced cleaning techniques are utilized by trained property restoration agents. These experienced property damage restoration technicians know exactly how to best get soot and smoke out of the damaged items. Even smaller fires can still require specific and more extensive property restoration efforts to rid the couch, carpet or other item of unwanted bad odors, interior stains and other common damages.


Reputable property restoration services have an emergency team ready to quickly respond to a damaged property in 2 hours or less. This swift action gives the property much higher chances of a successful restoration result than properties where it takes longer to begin the clean-up process. The stellar results that these property restoration experts get are nothing short of amazing in most situations. These specialists can extract the water of soaked carpets and furniture with an industrial strength vacuum designed especially for this purpose. If water has sat for a few days, these seasoned restoration experts can handle mold damages too in many instances.


When a fire occurs, the first thing a homeowner should focus on is getting everyone out safely and calling the fire fighters. When possible, place a call to a competent property damage cleaning and restoration company on their emergency hotline. If safe, homeowners can move items out of the water to begin the dry-out process. Water left on the floor should be mopped up to lessen the impact damages on expensive flooring materials like hardwood planks, tiles and other materials. A reliable property restoration service is key in saving your cherished belongings.