If you are in the process of reorganizing or redoing your bathroom, you are probably looking for a bathroom vanity too. If you would like to know more about buying and how to buy the best one for your needs and space, read this article and we will guide you through the buying process and make sure that you pick the right one, the one that suits you and your space best.


If you don’t know yet, a vanity is a piece of furniture which can be placed and found mostly in bathrooms, but there are also makeup vanities which are usually placed in bedrooms. They are one of the most common and needed pieces of furniture because they provide a lot of storage space where you can have your towels, makeup, etc. If you would like to know more about the best bath vanities and how to pick the best one, read on.


The first thing you need be careful at is definitely the size! Bathrooms never come in same sizes, and that is why you need to measure your space so you can find the vanity that fits there. If you want your morning routine to be comfortable, the most vanities come in size around 34 to 36 inches in height.

What to be careful about? Make sure that the vanity will be installed near the plumbing system and you have to make sure that there is still some place to move around or maybe for the door to open, that there is the place to step out of the shower etc.

Make sure that there are no electrical outlets anywhere near – vanity should not cover those outlets.

If you have a lot of space available, you can even consider getting a double bathroom vanity which is great because you and your partner both have their personal space and having a double vanity means you will also have more storage space available.


Which are the parts of the vanity and which parts do I need to purchase? The bathroom vanity is usually the piece of furniture which keeps the support to the bathroom sink. Make sure that the sink comes in the size that will fit the bought vanity. There are different styles, shapes, and sizes, so you have to make sure they fit.

If we take a look of the most typical vanity there are usually four pieces – vanity, countertop, sink and the faucet. Vanity must be strong and big enough that other three pieces are supported without a problem. Make sure that there is enough space under the countertop so you won’t have problems fitting the sink plumbing and faucet valves. If you choose the wall mounted piece, you will be able to save up some countertop space because you won’t need space for faucet valves underneath the countertop.

If you want the installation to be easy, you should go and purchase one of the all-in-one pieces, and you don’t need to worry that anything wouldn’t fit. But you can also purchase all the pieces separately but you have to make sure that they all fit and you need to know that the installation will take a little bit longer.

If you want to pick the designs, styles, and sizes by yourself, you shouldn’t choose the all-in-one model because you are a little bit limited there and if you purchase every piece separately you have a little bit more control over the style and choosing materials.


There are not only free standing vanities available, but according to the development of the market, there are more and more wall-mountable options. They have a lot of advantages over free standing ones, and you didn’t even know! Wiping the floor is now the easiest thing to do, and they can also look better because you can get some down lighting installed and you will be able to enjoy the evening bathroom romantic atmosphere. They are great if you are up to making a modern looking and sophisticated bathroom.

But if you want a wall-mounted piece you need to know that there are special requirements when it comes to installation. You will probably have to hire a professional, so there won’t be any mistakes and accidents.


If your bathroom comes in dimensions that no vanity pre-made can’t fit, you are not completely out of options yet. You can still check the custom-built vanities which can be made exactly by your space, and it will fit perfectly.

You simply choose the color, material, some drawers, sink style, etc. and you will get a completely customized vanity which will make your space look even better!


The next step is materials. What do you want or let me ask first, do you even know what can be bought? Different materials are available, and some of them are better, and some of them are not so good. It is important to know the pros and cons of different materials so you can choose the best for you.

The most common choice within the buyers is definitely wood. Wooden Vanities are the most popular one because they are cheap. And despite being cheaper they are sturdy, and you can get them painted as you like. But wood is probably not the best choice because after few years it can get weakened, softened and there are possible leaks in the way even though the frame itself will stay sturdy and durable.

If you are looking for a material which is easily wiped when it comes to spilling some water, you should think about getting a veneer vanity which is less penetrable, and it can be a little bit cheaper too.

The third standard material is metal. Metal is usually used only for legs because the vanity needs to have a great support which will be durable and won’t loosen.


Okay, now let’s talk about all the good sides and all the benefits if you decide to get a bathroom vanity. The first good thing is that if you install the vanity in your bathroom that provides a lot of storage space even though your bathroom might be small. With installing it, you will be able to use more space than you could without the vanity. Because the most vanities come with drawers and doors, you will be able to hide everything you have put into the storage space and your bathroom will always look clean and classy.

Vanities are also great if you want to have space around your sink for putting down your toothbrushes, soaps, etc. Bathroom vanity has a countertop where is enough space for all the small thing you always need them at hand.

If you are redoing your bathroom don’t be afraid, there are many different options in the market, and you will definitely find the one that fits your needs and space. And if it happens that you don’t like the designs available, you can still get a custom-built vanity, and that will definitely create a breathtaking bathroom.

I hope this article helped you even a little bit and now you are determined to get some extra storage with the bathroom vanity. If you have everything that we have said here in mind, you will have no problems with finding the one and purchasing it.