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Mold Inspection: A Guide How much are mold inspections? The cost of mold inspections differs as the size of the property to be inspected differs, too? The price of mold inspection also depend on other things other than the size of the are to be inspected. The cost of mold inspection may range from less than half of a thousand dollars to a ceiling of triple of a thousand bucks. Price is the most important factor that most people consider in choosing a mold inspector. However, the price should not be the main consideration in choosing a mold inspector. Is it real that there are companies who offer free mold inspections? Are free mold inspections indeed offered by some companies? Theories are only available on why free mold inspections are done by some companies. Should there be molds found, then the company that offers free inspection of mold would benefit from it by offering paid service to solve the client’s mold problems. The dilemma here is, if the company wants business, then they will want to find a mold during the inspection. if there is not a mold in the area, the company who conducted free mold inspection will not make any money.
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What is the difference between a mold inspection and a mold remediation or a mold treatment? Of course they are different. During mold inspection, an assessment is done to conclude if there are molds in the area or property. There are several queries asked when a mold inspection is done. Fixing the mold problem of a building, a property or an area is referred to as mold remediation or mold treatment. Resolving water problem which causes mold growth and removing the actual mold growth are steps done during mold remediation or mold treatments.
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How does one find a good mold inspector or mold inspection company?Where are qualified mold inspectors or mold inspection companies found? Here are some important tips when looking for a mold inspector or a mold inspection company. Finding a good doctor or a qualified mechanic is no different from finding a qualified inspector of molds or a company that offers mold inspection services. An amount of time and patience is definitely required when scouting for a good mold inspector or a good mold inspection company. It is unfortunate if after all due diligence required was one and you end up with the wrong mold inspector or mold inspection company. You may want to narrow down your choices to two mold inspectors or mold inspection company. Have these two service providers submit to you a quotation of their mold inspection and mold treatment or mold remediation service. You may want to ask your mold inspector or mold inspection company some questions to verify if they are qualified or not. You may want to have your mold inspector or mold inspection company provide documents certifying their qualifications.