Seize the Summer With Stylish Landscaping

You can easily add some pizazz to your property by sprucing it up using a little creativity and imagination. Is it time to finally do something with the mound of brush in the backyard that’s taking up space? Are you tired of looking out the window and seeing patchy, brown grass? Is that garden gnome hanging out by the shrubs ready for retirement? Kick your mind into gear and utilize these ideas to transform your surroundings into something to be proud of.

Pool Your Resources

Backyards can be a convenient place to dump yard waste. It can build up over the years, producing unsightly piles. Instead of using that space for unnecessary clutter, clear it out and construct a reflecting pool for a quiet thinking space. If you own a large parcel of land, contract the job out and go slightly larger for more bling. The addition of pond aerators and fountains can make an excellent habitat for koi. Comfortable lawn furniture adds a nice touch when placed poolside.

Make the Grass Greener on Your Side of the Fence

Springtime is the right season to get a jump on lawn maintenance. Begin by removing last year’s leaves and any other natural debris that detracts from aesthetics. A gentle coating of fertilizer is enough to kickstart growth, but don’t overdo it! Applying a large amount can be damaging to root systems. Take care not to begin mowing prematurely. Give your luscious greens time to mature before the first trim of the year. Once the days start to warm, provide steady water for consistent hydration.

Ditch the Flamingos, Think Modern

You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to exterior decor. Keep it simple and seek out inexpensive building materials that can be used to create expensive-looking accents. Search online or around town for secondhand brick and landscaping block. It only takes a small amount for a retaining wall. Go out into nature and find unusual stones to embed into the ground for a walkway. Block can also be used to design flower planters and beds.