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Problems Caused by Tree Roots and How to Get Rid of Them

Sewer drains is a common problem for most home owners around the universe. Its discomforting for any homestead experiencing blocked drains. Overflow from the drainage can occur, leading to damage of property and not forgetting the awful smell coming from the drain.

Drain blockage can be brought about by a number of reasons which include; presence of foreign items in the drains, grease and hair in the drains. The fact that tree roots are attracted to moisture, they can also block the drains. When roots are getting water from the pipes inside the drains, they can cause them to crack. Once the small roots find their way to the footer of the drainage system, they continue to grow and they end up blocking the flow of water completely.

The main sewer can also face damage as a result of tree roots. Serious clog problems can arise, as a result tree roots finding their way to the main sewer. The wet environment and nutrients inside the pipe is what the tree roots feed on. When the main sewer has a problem, the minor sewer will also be affected.

In the past in order to get rid of the tree roots one had to excavate, however with advancement in technology, one can be able to get rid of them without serious excavation. The sewer drain snake is one of these innovations, it has continued to evolve overtime making it a very useful tool.

Scheduling an appointment with drain cleaning company is important when dealing with blockage as a result of tree roots. The roots might not be killed the first time you outsource the services of the drain cleaning company. Having the company do a maintenance every year, it’s recommendable especially for home owners who have experienced this problem before to avoid future blockage.

A large tree root can cause the drainage to crack or get broken. In such causes one might be required to evacuate in-order to replace and repair the drainage. It might be expensive but in the long-run it’s cheaper than if the drainage flooded.

Tree roots can also be eliminated using chemicals, which have no effect to the environment. It is advisable to work with a plumber who is licensed and has all the protective equipment required. Regularly cutting of the tree roots is not necessary with this method. The pipe is scratched in the process of the plumber cutting down the tree roots, this led to the roots running down.

To ensure that the environment around your home is appropriate, it is important to drain clean your sewer lines regularly.

All drainage systems in your house, should be checked frequently by a plumber. Drainage problems like flooding, clogging and bacteria breeding can be solved through this. When you see something that is a miss with the drainage system in your house, it is advisable to consult a professional immediately.