Low Maintenance Windows to Make Your Life Easier

If you are planning on replacing your home’s windows, you have plenty of design options, operational styles and brands to choose from.

Replacing and fitting windows is a significant investment; you want durable and low maintenance windows that will make life easier for years to come. It’s really important to do your research, taking into account your house’s geography, local climate and solar glazing options. The right windows for you are both energy-efficient and weather-resistant. FENSA recommends asking your supplier for advice on the best operation, brands, styles and materials before spending any money.

Fibreglass windows

Fibreglass frames are created by pouring a special composite into moulds. This makes for incredibly durable windows which need virtually no maintenance. Replacing your old windows with fibreglass ones is among the most expensive options, but their long life and energy efficiency make for a worthwhile investment.

Vinyl windows

Vinyl windows are a bit cheaper and also require very little upkeep. In challenging climate zones, they are a popular choice, offering exceptional energy efficiency. During the manufacturing process, vinyl chemicals become blended with whatever colour the homeowner has selected. This colour enables the windows to withstand the wear and tear of strong sunlight and other natural elements.

Clad-wood windows

Wooden window frames generally require regular upkeep. Clad-wood windows, by contrast, are wooden inside with aluminum cladding on the outer aspect of the frame, providing homeowners with the natural appeal of wood indoors and easy-care aluminum outside.

Timber windows

Timber windows may be treated with preservative by the manufacturer. This will enhance the life of the product and ensure durability. Ask to view samples that demonstrate robust methods of construction, and enquire about moisture control.

uPVC windows

uPVC is by far the most popular low maintenance window material. For those looking for new windows Dublin offers excellent suppliers such as keanewindows.ie/windows-dublin.

Easy-care windows

When you think of window maintenance, repainting and tune-ups are among the tasks that come to mind. In fact, cleaning windows is among the most important daily tasks. Windows that are designed for simple care include double- and single-hung sash windows which angle into the room, making exterior cleaning easy, and sliding sash windows which swivel 360 degrees for easy cleaning of the entire window.