Let The Old Wood Get Rid of Smart

The old wooden hand carved, planned and katrování, still smell, although it is good, age, still looks attractive and has its own charm. But what happens, if we do not want to openly burn, but do not plan for practical applications, and our old dilapidated structure?

Old wood can still be used for the reconstruction of historic buildings and their interiors. And you can often use the ingredients you have selected, just cut and burn. You also get old wood, or contact paying for the dismantling of old wooden cargo. It all depends on how demanding demolition (length, profile, amount) and how good the material is. Some old wood has virtually no value and others may have reversed the value of gold. And ironically, often only the wood that you consider to be useless. For example, old wood flooring, the most valuable, is very peeling since it closely mimics the original interior floor again. And not just imitate, but to replace as a whole. While newly prepared wood materials are practically impossible to achieve such a state. The price of certain materials is therefore always negotiable in person, personal experience.

No indiscriminate attack on old wooden construction or motor saws, hammers and axes. In fact, this may not be the ideal solution. Dismantling precious wooden structures should be done with care to have at least a hit. And anyway, it’s an old wood burning!

What kind of wood chevron flooring is interested in the reconstruction of most historic buildings?

 The biggest flower is an old wooden structure made of oak, cypress and pine, in rare cases, beech and larch. The most demanding are hand-carved designs, older than 80 years or so, but come in useful wooden elements katrování and planned (beams, boards, boards, etc.). The old and better preserved, while the wood is, the better. Pests are old wood, even desirable traces of woodworm but undesirable effects, beetles, reds, mushrooms and fungi (e.g. Rot As dry), but also wood dyed and oiled.