Key Facts You Need To Know For a Truly Unforgettable Dive Holiday

As the holiday months become a tangible aspect within our reach we can begin to focus on planning for a summer of Kota Kinabalu diving. Regardless of what stage of planning you’re at, the following tips are designed to help you have the best diving holiday possible.

The first thing you will need to do is decide on the type of holiday you would like. Are you a fully experienced diver searching for an extreme location to explore? Or perhaps you would just like to experience the joy of diving for the first time.


There are many celebratory holidays to be enjoyed throughout the year such as honeymoons, weddings and birthdays. There is, perhaps, no better way to enjoy the beginnings of married life than with a spectacular diving experience. Summer is the perfect reason to spend a honeymoon diving in the gorgeous waters off the coast of Sabah. However, one of the last things you want during your happy celebration is for something to go wrong, which is why you have to do your part and plan your holiday correctly.

First-Time Dive

If you’re looking to try to dive for the very first time you will want to ensure that you have chosen the correct location. One of the best ways to get aqua-ready is through the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience. However, if you have a couple more days to spare you can try a unique learning experience with the PADI Open Water Diver Course. This course will have you well on your way to becoming a certified open water diver through PADI.

Family Holidays

Most travelling families tend to ignore the possibility of a complete diving experience. However, most holidays involve a good deal of attempting to balance it out to comply with everyone’s various interest and end up in too many compromises. With this in mind, a diving experience is a great way to create new memories and experiences with the family as a whole.

Underwater Benefits

While Sabah is incredible all year round, the best conditions can be found from June to September. The Sipadan diving experience is one of the best you can find anywhere on the planet. Your diving experience here will bring you face-to-face with multiple marine creatures from turtles to stingrays!

What Else but Diving?

One of the reasons Sabah is an incredible diving destination is due to the fact that there is so much else to do. When not exploring gorgeous underwater destinations, one can enjoy a trek through a rainforest or relax on an incredible island retreat.

Frequent Questions

Organised Packing

When you know where you’ll be going and what you’re going to be doing, you have to get your packing organised. While you want to make sure you have everything you need, you do not want to bring too much.

One of the most important things to remember is you do not need to buy every piece of gear for your dive holiday. If this is going to be one of the first diving adventures, it might be better to rent a kit. In addition, you want to research the typical weather patterns in the area to ensure you bring the best kit for the situation at hand. If you do decide to bring your own diving equipment, you want to have a checklist to ensure you’ve brought everything you need. There is also the option of renting any additional items you need if your baggage allowance is going to be limited.

How to Manage Jetlag

You more than likely will be travelling through several timezones to arrive at your destination, which means you will typically end up with jetlag. There are a few ways to combat this situation which include preparing your sleep schedule ahead of time, staying hydrated and maximising your exposure to natural light.

Planning Costs

One of the worst things that can come with a dream holiday is unexpected costs. This is why it is essential to check what each package tour is going to include. This can include everything from accommodation to meals and snacks throughout the tour or package. In addition, you will want to remember the cost of transfers throughout the tour as these are usually not included. Take the time to check the location of your dive and your accommodation and put some funding aside for various transportation.

Unique Memories

It does not matter how many times you have been on a dive; you will always want to record your experiences. Consider putting additional funding aside for underwater photography equipment rental or the cost of photographs that are taken throughout the experience. Underwater photography can be just as rewarding a hobby as diving – and a unique experience in itself.