Creating a Functional Home Office

When it comes to finding a work/life balance, working from home is the number one way to do it. However, it isn’t all late morning wake ups and zero commute time. If designed incorrectly, a home office can actually lower productivity. Keep these tips in mind when designing yours.

Don’t Fight It – Change It

If you are struggling to fit everything that you will need during the day into the space which you have at home – don’t fight it, change it. Swap the room with another in your home. The worse thing which you can do is to cram yourself into a tiny working space at home where you don’t feel comfortable working.


A Room With a View

Whichever space you do find, be sure that you can see outside. While nobody really enjoys working in an office building, they always include full featured windows which promotes enjoyment in the workplace. This stays true with working from home; always have a window.


Office Furniture

Just because it’s your home doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to function like an office. Instead of purchasing items to match your home decor, head to your office store and purchase functional furniture. Items like a desk, chair, foot stand, etc, need to be designed for comfort, not for fashion. Given that it is a business expense, make an appointment through the Groupon Coupons page for H&R Block to get advice on claiming these against your tax return.


Stay Safe

Just like an office, a home office includes dangers such as exposed cords and faulty technology. Similar to your workplace, conduct regular safety audits of your home office. When designing the space, be sure to include sufficient cable ports to minimize exposed wires.


Creating the ideal work space at home is not an easy task, but it is one which you achieve with these tips and a little creative thinking. When you are designing your home office, think about the aspects of your regular office which you like and consider how you can adapt them into your home office.