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FA Votes in Favour of Retrospective Bans for Diving

If you’re a football fan, you will undoubtedly have been outraged at some point by the antics of one or more members of the opposition who have decided to hurl themselves to the ground in the hope of winning a free-kick or penalty. The most infuriating of them all is when the referee falls for the act and awards a penalty or free-kick that results a decisive goal.

The problem

For many years, if not decades, diving has been regarded by football aficionados as a blight on the game; after all, it is cheating. Recently, referees have been under stricter instructions to give cards for diving, but this is only when they believe it is a blatant dive or attempt to deceive.

What can be done?

In the wake of several high-profile cases of diving in the current season, including Robert Snodgrass’s dive to earn a penalty for Hull City …

Write news about a new religious TV channel

This is an article about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the Christ Embassy, and Loveworld USA. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a well known teacher, healing minister, television host, and best selling author. He is also the President of the Christ Embassy better known as Loveworld, Inc, which is a Bible based ministry in Lagos. He is the eldest son of Elder T. Oyakhilome. He was married to Rev. Anita Oyakhilome, who is forerunner of the UK agency, and has two daughters. He reaches thousands of people worldwide as well as being dedicated to his 30+ year mission and many meetings which made huge impact. Pastor Benny Hinn is a known Evangelist and teacher who preaches the message of the Gospel of Jesus for the past 45 years. The two men knew that they would try to strengthen the faith of millions of people worldwide. The Christ Embassy is a worship and …

10 clothing items every man should own in his wardrobe

If you’re a guy who appreciates looking sharp, these 10 wardrobe staples are essential.

  1. Beige trench coat

    Slung over a suit or casual attire, the beige trench coat is a key item for any man’s wardrobe. Smart and snappy, it looks cool but will keep you dry in a shower.

    2. Black lace-up shoes

    This classic style of shoe will get plenty of wear, and is the mainstay of any formal attire. Choose a good quality brand for long-lasting appeal.

    3. Slim jeans

    Jeans are the foundation of a man’s wardrobe, but pay attention to style if you want to be seen as a snappy dresser. Slim-fit, blue jeans are essential, but avoid ones that are too tight. Dark, selvedge denim wins every time.

  1. A pair of Wayfarers

    According to The Idle Man, Wayfarer sunglasses are the ultimate in robust smart/casual sunglasses. Desirable and iconic, they suit every face

The Best Advice on Repairs I’ve found

Garage Doors – Importance Of Regular Inspection And Maintenance

Garage doors are one important part of a house, which is the place for our automobiles similar to bicycles, bikes, cars and even some unused stuff, gardening items and so on. This kind of door is actually one factor for increasing your property’s aesthetic value as they’re placed right in front of your resident. The garage doors or also referred as overhead doors should be chosen in line with architecture and requirement of the house.

Because of improper doors, some people have became the target of burglaries, trespassing and several dangerous situations whether you believe it or not. It is vital to inspect and maintain these doors regularly to be able to avoid such situation from ever happening.

Besides, there are many benefits that you can enjoy by performing garage door maintenance and inspection and some are discussed below:
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News For This Month: Coffee

Basic Information about Cold Brew Coffee and How to Prepare It

Everybody get the kick of this very popular drink that can be taken in the morning, noon time, evening and even during mid day. Many various types of coffee are formulated today to maximize the patronage of coffee drinkers, and lately, there is a new type of coffee that has come out called the cold brew coffee. You would see this kind of coffee being sold in coffee shops, in the grocery stores, farmer’s market and other congested customer areas. For sure, there are questions in your mind about what is this coffee all about and what makes it different from the regular iced coffee.

The usual way of coffee preparation is by putting it through a hot-drip machine or through an espresso machine. In a cold brew coffee, it is a slow brew that will take 12-24 hours …