A Guide To The Top Three European Summer Destinations

When travelling to Europe, it is important to consider the destination you are heading to. This article will provide information on the top three summer destinations to see when moving through Europe. The information comes from a survey of travellers and we want to thank the participants who engaged in the study through Going Luxury.

Destination #1: Wroclaw, Poland

Awarded the title of Europe’s Best Destination in 2018, Wroclaw is a city in Poland. This city is considered the Polish version of Venice as it is surrounded by canals, along with more than 120 bridges linking the islands. In Wroclaw, you will be charmed by the aura of the city and its Market Square – Rynek. The twin town halls, flower market, salt market square, covered market, Centennial Hall, attractive university and botanical gardens.

Do you want to indulge in a gorgeous lunch? Then head toward the Piwnica Swidnicka. This restaurant is one of the oldest in the world giving it some historical value. You can also walk around the Ostrow Tumski – the oldest area in Wroclaw. Many people have fallen in love with this part of the historical city.

If you take a closer look at the statues in Wroclaw, you can find that the city is dotted with emblematic dwarves. Not only this, but all of the dwarves are different in their structure and style. Trying to locate them in the city can be difficult considering there are over 350 of them, and new dwarves are made each year. It is possible to view Wroclaw and the dwarves by foot, boat or using an electric car.

Of course, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to discover the best feature of Wroclaw – the native people! Polish people in Wroclaw are friendly, warm and always willing to share information on their beautiful city.

Destination #2: Bilbao, Spain

Getting over 39,000 votes, the city of Bilbao was chosen as the second most attractive destination and place to see when travelling through Europe. Bilbao is an amazing location with an outstanding atmosphere in the city that cannot be captured in images or words. However, unlike Wroclaw, this city is in a constant state of change. It is wide-open to the world making it highly evolutive. It is also attractive to families with children or grandchildren because of the sweet environment. Children can enjoy evening walks through the streets with their families or along the alleys of Casco Viejo – the historic centre of Bilbao.

Similar to Bordeaux and Porto, both awarded best European destinations in 2015 and 2017 respectively, Bilbao is a port city. This means that it has a link to the ocean and the River providing good seafood restaurants.

When staying in Bilbao, it is recommended that you make the most of the time in the city centre. Explore the main museums, such as the Guggenheim or Fine Arts Museum. The landscape is also outstanding giving people access to the popular Rioja wine region. For individuals who enjoy sustainable tourism, it is advised that you head to the County of Goierri. This county provides visitors with well-known cheese. You can taste the cuisine of the Basque Country after visiting the Guggenheim museum on the popular Guggenheim and Gourmet Pintxos Tour.

Bilbao is surrounded by several attractive medieval towns, including Orduna and Balmaseda. Being only thirty minutes from the centre of the city, these destinations are must-see options.

Bilbao is considered the meeting point of the world with the Basque country. Booking a stay in this city, as well as planning activities like the Basque cookery lessons, can ensure you enjoy the stay in the Basque country. We also recommended viewing the city of San Sebastion which is only an hour’s drive from Bilbao.

Destination #3: Athens, Greece

With over 19,000 votes, Athens in Greece remains one of the most unmissable locations! It is listed in the top ten European destinations each year attracting thousands of European settlers searching for their ancestry, and those looking for a place to enjoy.