3 Steps to Achieving a More Restful Sleep

If sleep has been unsatisfying or elusive, there are routes you can take to regain some truly restful shuteye. Listed below are 3 ways you can impact your sleep quality and switch up your nighttime routine.

Address Your Windows

The production of our beloved sleep hormone, melatonin, can be negatively impacted by light. For longer, uninterrupted sleep, trying blackout solar roller shades New Jersey can help you to better control your sleep schedule. Such shades can be especially beneficial if your sleep quarters are bordered by East-facing windows; sleep comfortably through a sunrise and wake up at a time of your choosing!

Limit Screens

Blue light has been shown to disrupt our natural circadian rhythms. Putting aside your devices even just one hour before bedtime can go a long way in improving your sleep quality. If you find this difficult to commit to, enabling a grayscale filter over your screen’s display can help trick your brain into losing interest in those addicting social media apps.

Stretch It Out

If your career situates you at a desk for hours at a time, or if you participate in stressful commutes to and from home, then a couple minutes’ worth of stretching may be a wonderful supplement to your nighttime routine. Whether it’s a true yoga flow or a handful of informal movements, stretching the muscles in your body can help ground it for more restorative sleep. Focus on your breathing as you move from your neck to your back to your hip flexors and legs; this can lend a meditative effect to your practice.

Whether it’s investing in your bedroom to make it more deep sleep-friendly or adding in a few self-care rituals to your everyday repertoire, doing so in the name of sleep is well worth the effort. Try a method or two and you may feel the difference in the morning!