3 Common Pacific Northwest Pests

The Pacific Northwest is an amazing countryside filled with breathtaking beauty, awe inspiring mountains, and crystal-clear rivers. The Oregon Washington areas are exceptionally beautiful, but because of the extreme diversity of the area, and because most of the homes are snuggled into hillsides or valleys of lush vegetation, pests can be a constant problem for homeowners and renters. Also, because nature is never stagnant, the pests can change with the cycles of nature without giving anyone any notice. Here are thee pests to look out for if you live in the area.


From harvester ants to house ants to carpenter ants, the area has them all. Add in a few tree ants, garden ants, and sugar ants, and you can see why ant pest control Salem OR teams are so buy in Oregon and Washington. Because some species are friendly and others are invasive, it is always good to call in a professional service to identify the ants before you try and remove them on your own.


If you notice a yard with some unexplained holes that appeared overnight, it was probably the work of a mole because they love the open areas that hills and valleys have to offer. Moles are a pest that most gardeners would love to remove, and they can damage the roots of grasses, trees, and shrubs as they move through the yard by digging tunnels.


Although most mice would prefer the comfort of the forested area around homes, when an owl moves into the territory, you may find that mice suddenly appear inside your living area. Because of the way mice urinate and leave feces wherever they have wandered, they are a danger to humans. Call in a professional at the first sign of mice in your home to stop a possible infestation.

There are numerous other pests that thrive in the Pacific Northwest, such as beetles, mosquitoes, and spiders, but you can learn to live among most of them – as long as they stay outside. If you have problems with pests, call for help.