3 Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting is the future. This incredibly exciting technological development became popular with everyday consumers in recent years, but many casual shoppers don’t yet know how beneficial this type of lighting can truly be. Check out the benefits of LED lighting below and consider investing in some of the LED lighting Tampa shops have in stock for yourself.

Unparalleled Efficiency

The most commonly discussed benefit of LED lighting is the level of energy efficiency. LED bulbs are typically 60-75{a59aca9b63368fd84e4f792df13ac38937c2cd7c7468b175f39a864ac9b99608} more efficient than traditional bulbs, which can translate to impressive savings on an electric bill. As LED lights have continued to grow in popularity, their retail cost has decreased, meaning the benefits are visible to someone purchasing an LED bulb even sooner. If LED lighting were to continue to grow more and more prevalent, widespread electricity consumption would likely decrease on a visible level.

Long Lasting Lighting

A fairly staggering statistic is the fact that LED bulbs can last up to 50 times as long as a traditional incandescent bulb. With this in mind, LED lights quickly become an investment worth making. To illustrate the longevity of this simple switch: an LED light used for eight hours a day would feasibly last for seventeen years.

Safer Than Ever

LED lights aren’t just safer for the earth — they are safer for the consumer as well. Florescent bulbs contain trace amounts of mercury, which is toxic and especially harmful to children. When this type of light bulb breaks, the mercury escapes as a gas that a person can be at risk of inhaling or an incredibly fine powder that can settle onto the nearest surface.

LED lights, designed without the need for mercury, are much safer in the event of damage. Additionally, since LED lights emit such a significantly lower amount of heat, there’s less of a chance for the more inconsequential issue of being burned by a lighting fixture that grows hot to the touch. When all of these factors combine, LED lighting truly makes the future look bright.